Internal Transformation

What is your Rhythm in Creating your Path

November 4, 2022

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Everyone has their own lifestyle. THERE IS NO ONE DISCIPLINE that fits all. You have your own rhythm. You have your most creative time during the day, most physically active time during the day, and times between your baby sleeps or piano lessons and football practices.You might not gonna be able to meditate in the morning if you have 3 kids to get ready to school oppose to monastic lifestyle when one wakes up before sun rises and has no place to rush to. 


In the modern spiritual business world we are sold the idea of how easy it is to live the life of your dreams. We are given practices that we are supposed to do to live a spiritual life, tools to eat healthy, and services to use to heal. 


Issue is that not everyone has a lifestyle that can fit all the practices and tools, not to mention afford professional healing services. There is a difference between feeding excuses and being realistic, in reality not the whole world is middle class entrepreneurs. 


I personally know a health coach who was very aggressive about healthy eating and exercise when it was her job. Basically all she had to do (on the side of daily routine we all do) was to eat healthy,exercise and record her activities on social media. But once she switched to corporate 9-5, in addition to all daily duties, she had a hard time living rigidly in accordance with her healthy blueprint. Once her schedule changed she did not have time to squeeze daily juices, she found herself eating more sugar after a long day at work. She eventually adjusted, but it was not easy. 


Bottom line: everyone gets to live on their own rhythm. It does not mean that the current rhythm is the final phase that will last forever. NO. We  all take steps to make changes, we adapt, we try, we fail, we try again and we create rhythms that work for us. 


Yes, we have to learn to sacrifice. Yes we have to make changes. Yes we have to take authority over our life. And yes sometimes we will make other people uncomfortable. But we need to keep finding our own way of life. 


And there was only way to achieve it, by living by the rules created by mid class white hetero cis-men.  Aka so called the norms. 


The problem with this idea that there is only one way to succeed does not fit everyone. People who try to fit this formula into their own life have a hard time fitting it in. 

Then feeling like a failure, thinking there is something wrong with them and therefore giving up. I myself was in those shoes many times as well as most of my clients. 


Finding your own rhythm and definition of success is very important. It will not sound or look like someone else's beat. It will be your way of living and creating, your way of succeeding whatever that means to you. 


You can find freedom and eliminate constant comparison and internal pain from not living the way instagram bloggers and big shots are claiming to live. 


When we find our own song, we find our own universe. However, we do need to stay consistent with our own rhythm in order to build whatever we want to build.