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Soul Rhythm: What it is and How to find it

March 12, 2021

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How to Find Your Soul Rhythm? pic by Jane Kusin

To clarify, I personally do not know if you can find your soul rhythm and keep it forever. However, I do know that you can learn to listen to your soul and take action to keep yourself in alignment with it. 

As a result, being in alignment with your soul gives you freedom. Freedom to see your fears and desires and make choices that liberate you.

When we pay attention to our soul, we can explore something beyond our mind, and beyond what we see with our eyes. We can explore how we feel, explore our purpose, and explore the path of love. 

What if we are not connected to our soul rhythm?

Some people live their whole lives without connecting to their souls, and they do just fine. That is absolutely ok. However, some people experience pain, a sense of being lost, feeling confused, or disconnected. They have a hard time finding a sense of belonging, and difficulty feeling content. This disconnect from the soul can potentially lead to substance abuse, toxic relationships, depression, anxiety, and other spiritual pain. That spiritual pain requires a spiritual approach and spiritual healing. That is where the soul-work comes in.

How to start connecting to your soul rhythm?

1. Look into your pain.

Pay attention to your pain. When we are not in alignment with our true desires and true path, pain starts to speak.

So many clients come to me feeling lost, confused, with low energy. It hurts me to see people struggling. However, unfortunately, most of the time, people start looking inwards only when they feel pain or emotional discomfort. Pain is our messenger, it is our invitation to look deeper, to look inside, to look beyond our sight. By identifying what actually hurts, we can get in alignment with our true desires and our true path.

2. Get out of your head and into body.

Begin practices that help you to consciously connect to your body. The mind does not have all the answers. Deeper wisdom is in the body. Meditation, mindful practices, energy work, breathwork, etc. help us to get in touch with our truth. By connecting to our bodies, we connect to the heart and the soul of our core being.

3. Awaken your creativity.

When was the last time you danced, wrote, or painted? When do you stop to experience pleasure? In our busy world, we run, run, run, and we get lost in our busyness. Creativity helps us to connect with our life energy, the energy that we all came from. It allows us to let go of our logic and tap into different sides of our brain. Therefore, we shift to the opposite state and can experience things beyond pragmatic thinking.

Soul-work is the best gift we can give to ourselves. It is the gift of becoming our authentic self, of going back to our truth, and going back to love and happiness. When you find your soul rhythm, you put yourself on the path of connection and self-love.

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