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How do I Know if I am Ready?

November 4, 2022

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So, shortly how do we pass this fear?


Well the short answer is, that there is nothing to be ready for. You already are living a life, creating your path means you are taking the driving wheel into your hands and navigating where you are going. 


Idea of readiness implies that there is a destination, a point where suddenly something will change and I will be ready. But there is no final point. Feeling of being prepared comes through work and through action steps. Sometimes that action means picking up a book, sometimes taking a course, sometimes starting an online store, sometimes starting a blog. Action needs to be generated in order for the experience of being prepared to occur.  


So readiness is really a continuum. It is a spectrum. Now, do we sometimes feel a bit more ready and sometimes less, yes. And sometimes we have to do some more searching to transition from less ready to more.  But it does not mean you are not ready. You are still taking action by searching, even by reading this post you are in action. You are ready. You might not be ready for the big VISION action, but you are ready for the next step.  


Now being where you are, what type of next action you are willing to take? And that is as much readiness as you need. 


As we go through the process, the level of risks we take grows, ways of how we show up change, visions become bigger. So as soon as we reach our point of readiness, guess what? It moved forward. 

Yes, now you have to get ready again because bigger things are on the table. So, 100% readiness is an illusion. What is possible is 100% willingness. 


Oftenly what we actually are scared of is the bigger vision. “So I have to commit to this for life”, “what if in 5 years I will want to move” “but this will be taking lots of my time next year”. We start traveling to the future, we think we know what will happen and get scared. Suddenly our fears of commitment, responsibility, self doubt and more takes over our dream and the result is “ou no I am not ready yet”. 


None of us know what will happen in the future, COVID is a great teacher of that. So, all we need to know when we start our path is what is the next step I am willing to take. 


Yes we build visions and plans, but we get to be flexible with them.


What is My Next Step That I am Willing to Take?