How can Reiki improve your entrepreneur journey?

August 14, 2021

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Reiki Miami

Reiki is hands-on natural healing using the universal life force energy. More on what is reiki and how it works you can read [Reiki Tool For Spiritual Growth]. How can it be useful for entrepreneurs or self-employed people?

1. ) Reiki can increase your creativity

First, depending on your entrepreneurship style you might be more creative or more executing. However, at the beginning of the journey to build your own business most self-employed people choose to wear many different hats and do many different tasks.
Sometimes, losing ourselves in the process of doing and action, creativity can become lower. The right side of the brain becomes more activated due to the need for task performance. The common belief that there is no time for rest, increases stress slowly drying that creative pool.

Reiki can help relax, reactivate chakra that is responsible for creativity, balance emotions and reconnect with intuition and core flow of creativity.

2.) Reiki can decrease stress and fear

Next, if you are just starting your business or expanding into a bigger phase, you might experience fears and anxiety. Some of us might experience lots of fear and anxiety due to changes, financial instability, and waves of unknown future. It is absolutely normal to experience that. Truth be told, It is a big part of spiritual growth inside of the path of entrepreneurship. There is always an opportunity to dig deeper behind the fear, meanwhile, reiki can help to connect to trust and grounding in your vision. Energy work can bring the focus back to your goals, and away from your fears.

3. Reiki can support in connecting to something bigger than we

Sometimes, the entrepreneurship journey can be lonely. Especially, if you are only working on building your team, or working from home. When this happens, Reiki can help you to reconnect to the Universal energy, to the collective flow and humanity. So, you can feel connected even when you’re alone in your home office.

4. Reiki can help tap into new ideas
Long working hours can be exhausting. And you may feel stuck and confused. Reiki helps to reopen energy flow, which creates a portal to higher intention, and connection to new ideas and desires.

As a result, energy work helps our body to relax, at the same time healing our wounds and expanding our essence. Imagine, if you were a computer. In the same way, Reiki helps you to get plugged into the source, to re-energize and roll like a pro.

Much Love

Your Coach, Julia