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Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Intimacy

Create Intentional Relationship

Create Your Own Sexual Rhythm 

Come home to your body, to your own nature, to the richness of your life, and relationships. 

My purpose is to help you connect with yourself and your partner.


dear busy and tired soul, 

Have you been longing for a deeper intimate connection with your partner?

Have been shaming self and feeling embarrassed for not being sexual enough?

Do you feel not understood by your partner or not getting them?

the answer, my dear, is not

- having more dates

You already tried that. Now it is time to try something different.

Trying something that will give you a sense of connection, passion, and true intimacy.

Have you been feeling lately disconnected from own self?

- it is not always about doing more to feel more

- it is not even about having more sex

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- it is not about reading more self-help books 

- and finding another partner might also not be a solution

I work with ambitious people who feel disconnected from self & from their partners. Helping them to create INTENTIONAL relationshipS IN A BUSY SCHEDULE.



Intimacy path for couples is designed for new couples, who are up to 4 years together. It is a self paced path with live virtual meetings and discussions.

1. It helps you to see your strengths as a unit and how to use those strengths to create maximum connection and joy. 

2. It helps you to understand your intimacy gaps and ways to shift that, for a stronger and more passionate union. 

3. It helps you do understand relationship stages and create powerful tools how to go through challenging times as a team.

Intuitive self-lover path is designed to help you to see your worth. There is nothing more powerful than unapologetic self-love. That is because only self-love can awaken truth in your veins by showing you your worth and your gifts.

It is a self paced path with live virtual meetings and discussions.

1. This path helps you to see who you are and realize that only person that can fulfill and make you whole and complete is you. 

2. To start creating loving relationship with your body.

3. Awakening your love and appreciation for who you are, leading to a blissfull experience of self and life. 

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You are here to improve the quality of your relationships. 

individual INTIMACY PATH


I am helping individuals and couples to connect with each other on a deeper level. Maybe you are like most of us who did not have a model of loving and accepting relationships. Maybe you never learned to even love yourself first.  

Relationship can be tough. You might know you love your partner, but you are having hard time connecting. 
You yourself might feel disconnected from who you are. 

I offer virtual coaching services to support you in finding ways to experience more love. However I still always encourage to do my courses prior 1:1 coaching.

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I am a holistic intimacy coach, personal growth addict, meditation teacher and cacao lover. 

I graduated from Columbia University with MA in Clinical Psychology, study sexuality over 4 years and got certified in tantric meditation, continue in marriage and family therapy AND choose to mix it all, for your deeper experience.

I am here to help you get rid of fear, disconnect, and loneliness.

Hello lovely! I'm Julia.

— Anna B.

Stop what you're doing and start working with Julia! Her practices have changed my life!"

— Leanna P.

Her coaching covers not only sex, but soul, work, body, energy. Her work is very inclusive!"

— Carlos H.

Her approach is very loving and accepting. I always felt understood!"