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If you are willing to do the work, if you are ready to dive into honesty, and if you are open to being uncomfortable and truthful with yourself and your partner, this will help you. I have never seen anyone walk away without achieving great benefits. 

What if it will not help me? 

Every practitioner and coach has their own way of practicing. I do holistic coaching. My practice includes conversation, meditations, energy work, referral to outside resources, reading, and a full spectrum of work. We uncover your physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional bodies in terms of your sexuality. My work is intense and requires input from your side. 

What does sex coaching inquire? 

My mission is to guide you and give you tools, that will transform your sex life and your relationship to sexuality

How can you help me? 

Common Qs and As:

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Are you a sex therapist?

No. Sex therapy focuses on your mental and emotional bodies. My philosophy is that to have a full experience we need to include our body and our energy. Sometimes I need to hug my clients, sometimes I cry with them, sometimes we dance, sometimes I share my own experiences. There are amazing therapists out there. My work, however, is a different modality in the field of sexual healing and empowerment. Everyone chooses a profession they feel called to. This is my calling. You get to choose a professional that speaks to your philosophy.