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A couple shares an intimate moment Our intimacy mindset impacts how we see ourselves and others sexually, how we behave and respond sexually. It is a collection of our sexual beliefs and thoughts.    Now you can read this and apply it to the relationship as a whole. If you are looking for a deeper […]

What is our intimacy mindset?

Mindful Sexuality

Despite all the progression in the world, women’s sexuality and womanhood are still shaped by the reproductive choices and circumstances in her life (using she/her they/their pronouns interchangeably). Infertility impacts our sexuality. The way many women see themselves as sexual people is based on the roles they assume in life. Whether a woman gives birth […]

Infertility and sex: How infertility can impact sexuality

The Three Most Common Sexual Traumas Everyone is Likely to Experience

Women's Sexuality

Feeling sexually inadequate is a common “disease”. We can catch it when we watch porn, look at magazine covers, read Forbes lists, or even when we enter the gym or sauna. Some of us have stronger immune systems to fight against it than others, but most of us express syndromes at some point. Let’s dive […]

How To Stop Feeling Sexually Inadequate

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