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Meditating does not have to look like it does on TV. There are different meditation schools of thought and different ways to meditate.

How to Meditate: Everything You Need to Know

you already know everything you need to know about How to Meditate

Meditation Practice

Being in alignment with your soul gives you freedom.

Soul Rhythm: What it is and How to find it

Soul rhythm is so important

Meditation Practice

For some people, BDSM and Reiki are new, mysterious, and even scary. For others, they are powerful, life-changing healing techniques. Likewise, I have been using BDSM and Reiki as healing powers for several years.  What is Reiki?  To clarify, Reiki is a Japanese energy healing and stress reduction technique. Rei means “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power” and […]

BDSM and Reiki as Healing Powers

BDSM, Reiki and Soul Healing

Julia's Personal

Belief systems for sexuality differ from person to person. These beliefs can impact the way we think and behave sexually. Some are positive, but others can haunt us for years. Here are five phrases that damage sex lives. First Damaging Phrase A penis is always hard and ready. Our society is obsessed with hard penises. […]

Five Phrases That Damage Sex Lives

worrying about sex during sex prevents intimacy

Mindful Sexuality