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A couple shares an intimate moment Our intimacy mindset impacts how we see ourselves and others sexually, how we behave and respond sexually. It is a collection of our sexual beliefs and thoughts.    Now you can read this and apply it to the relationship as a whole. If you are looking for a deeper […]

What is our intimacy mindset?

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Too much porn watching during COVID! Need some help! Recently, there has been some increase in porn watching among my clients. They are reaching out for help with what they call “porn addiction” or “porn obsession”. Being isolated at home alone or with family and partners has raised the desire for pornography in some households. […]

Porn Watching: 3 Common Fears Around It and Solutions for It

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When you think of spiritual growth, what tools do you think of to help you on your journey? Reiki can be a great tool to support you in your healing and your spiritual growth path and for your empowerment. I discovered reiki almost 10 years ago. I was experiencing a lack of interest in life […]

Using Reiki As A Tool For Spiritual Growth

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First of all, worrying about sex during sex is a thing, and if you experience it, you are certainly not alone. It is called spectatoring. Surprisingly, this term was coined by Masters and Johnson and it means watching yourself have sex as a third person and having an anxious, internal, self-conscious dialogue. This internal conversation […]

Worrying about sex during sex?

worrying about sex during sex prevents intimacy

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