Sexuality educator, intimacy coach, meditation teacher, energy healer, blogger, speaker and a few other things. 

But really, I’m a lover.

Hello I am Julia Lepiochina. 

I have no regrets. There is nothing that I wish would be different about my past. Every single tear, every pain in the chest, every shaky breath brought me where I am today. Freedom. 

My freedom came through intimacy. Through acceptance and love. Love that allowed me to show and live my truth, and honor the truth of people around me. 

I searched for connection for looooong time. I craved to feel unity with the world, people around me and myself. But I was scared. I was nearly crushed by my own feeling of separation and disconnect.

Little did I know back then, about the healing power of my voice, capabilities of loving heart, and courage of my own foot steps. That brought me to the sacred relationship with my partner and confidence in myself. 

I teach the foundation of connection and intimacy (Latin intimus "inmost, innermost, deepest"; intimare "to make known.)

after coaching people for over 8 years I see that when we learn to connect with ourselves deeper, then we awaken the truth that takes us further in our relationship, richer in our careers and wider in our travels.  

Julia’s perspective is unique. Her education includes US accredited sexuality education, masters degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University, spiritual teachers in India, Nepal, and Indonesia, meditation trainings and post modern systemic psychotherapy.  
Julia has coached and worked with women and couples over 8 years around the world. Teaching them, how to find connection with self, partners, and wider communities. 


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Woods of murphy, NC

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woods and WATERFALLs

10. Nature

Man's search for meaning

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turmeric latte +espresso shot

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Columbia University - MA in Clinical Psychology
Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment
Certified Journey Dance Teacher Training
Momentum Personal Leadership Trainings
Energy Training with Ron Young
Shamanic trainings with Dr. Alberto Villoldo Ph.D
Art of Feminine Presence
Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner
Certified Meditation Teacher with Dr. Lori

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1. I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania

2. I lived in NYC for 17 years

3. When I was 18 I traveled through India

4. For 14 years I do not have TV, no Cable, no Netflix

5. Living sober life free from alcohol and drugs

6. My grammar suck in all of my spoken languages 

7. I began my meditation practices in 2011

8. My first fully read book was Alchemist by Paulo Coelho when I was 14

9. I work in personal development since I was 23

10. Traveled to 20+ countries solo

11. Volunteered in Nepal right after the earthquake

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