self-hate & feeling of emptiness

Fuck the  

start feeling that you belong

Come home to your body, to your own nature, to the richness of your life and relationships. 

My purpose is to help you to connect with yourself and your life. 

I work with ambitious people who feel disconnected from their bodies, partners and desires

Creating a loving relationship with your body and feeling at home.
Connecting to your partner on a deeper and truly intimate level. 
Awakening in your desires and life celebration.
Releasing self-hate and self-beat up. 
Giving self permission to love and to be
Satrt feeling that you belong. 




If you want 


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I am a holistic sexual energy coach, personal growth addict, meditation teacher and reiki practitioner. I graduated from Columbia University with MA in Clinical Psychology, got certified in tantric meditation and chose to mix them. I am a fanatic of sensual and mindful body movement, a meditation creep, and, admittedly, obsessed with helping people to see their worth.

Hello lovely! I'm Julia.


For the past 6 years, I have worked as a full-time sex coach and spiritual mentor to thousands of people. I want to help you to feel comfortable in your own body, to be able to voice your true desires, and to experience connection and pleasure in sex and life.

Magical sex happens when we are connected to the core of our being. My work consists of guiding you to connect your mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies so you can be in perfect alignment. The result is an orgasmic life experience! Ready to start?

Life can feel overwhelming and confusing I get it

Ways we can create connection and freedom together

In-person sessions hollywood, fl

outrageous body mastermind

zoom sessions worldwide

Next enrollment opens September 2021

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More information

— Anna B.

Stop what you're doing and start working with Julia! Her practices have changed my life!"

— Leanna P.

Her coaching covers not only sex, but soul, work, body, energy. Her work is very inclusive!"

— Carlos H.

Her approach is very loving and accepting. I always felt understood!"